5 Herbs That Cure Constipation

Constipation is a common problem which many find embarrassing to discuss, but if ignored and left untreated, it could lead to fissures and piles which are much more painful!

One of the recent studies found that 14 per cent people in urban India have constipation issues.

It is best to resort to all natural solutions that provide relief without causing any harmful side-effects. Here are five herbs that can cure constipation:

  • Ispaghula or Psyllium: It is a natural fibre laxative which basically swells after coming in contact with fluid in the stomach. It increases the volume of the stool, which helps in stimulating the muscles in the walls of the bowel to push the solid out from system.
    How to consume: You can occasionally take one to two teaspoons of Ispaghula in a glass of juice or warm water daily before bed time to ease constipation.
  • Aloe Vera: You must be aware of the medicinal benefits of the plant for treating sunburn. It’s interesting to note that the anti-constipation property is not found in the gel layer, but in the latex that is just below the outermost layer. The latex layer has anthraquinones which are metabolised into laxatives in the body.
    How to consume: You can add one to two spoons of aloe vera juice to a glass of juice and consume. It is better to take a whole leaf juice than inner leaf juice, as a highly processed juice will not have any effect. Also, do not take it for more than two-three days at a stretch.
  • Stone Apple or Bael: It is also known as Bilwa or Siriphal, and contains great therapeutic value. This ayurvedic fruit is one of the best natural laxatives available, that helps in removing toxins and processing the waste out of the body.
    How to consume: You can take out the pulp of the ripe fruit after removing seeds and consume it in the form of juice, smoothie or shake in the morning. Have it on alternate days to prevent chronic constipation.
  • Dandelion Root: Dandelion root can help in releasing bile, which is essential to stimulate muscles in the intestines, to help the food move through the digestive tract, and ultimately to the colon.
    How to consume: Boil one teaspoon of this mild laxative in water, and drink three or four times a day.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is a widely used herb in Indian households and it is also recommended for constipation. It contains high level of soluble fiber which works as bulk-forming laxative, putting pressure on the intestines and promoting bowel movements.
    How to consume: You can soak a tablespoon of fenugreek for an hour and grind it into a paste or just consume with a glass of lukewarm water when you feel constipated. You can also boil a teaspoon of fenugreek in water for a few minutes, and drink the filtered water throughout the day to get relief from constipation.

Try some of these natural herbs to get rid of your constipation trouble, but remember to take the correct dosage depending on the severity of your problem to avoid any side-effects.

If you have more points to add here, please do so in the comments. We’d be happy to revise the article by adding your suggestions to it.

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