5 Magical Benefits Of Honey


These incredible creatures give us honey, which has been used as a natural sweetener since times immemorial. Honey is also used widely across the globe for medicinal purposes. It has numerous health benefits which is why it is extensively used in Ayurveda.

You can consume honey in different ways. Popular among children, it gives much-needed relief to worried mothers who want to give something healthy and tasty to their little ones.

Honey derives its sweetness from monosaccharides fructose and glucose present in it. The elements in honey do not allow the microorganism to grow which prevents it from getting spoiled. Therefore honey can be stored for many years. Therefore, honey is one of the handiest, healthiest and tastiest thing to eat.

Here are few major health benefits of this magic syrup:-

  • Helps in skincare: Having anti-bacterial qualities, honey is great for the skin. It moisturizes and nourishes the skin, naturally, slowing down aging effects on it. How to use it: Make homemade face packs by mixing honey with milk, coffee, lemon or Gulab Jal.
  • Effective in healing wounds and burns: Properties such as antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-fungal makes honey effective in healing wounds and burns. It does not allow the bacteria to stay on the injured parts or to penetrate the wound.
    How to use it: Follow the traditional way by applying honey superficially over the wound.
  • For treating cough and sore throat: Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicines taken normally for suppressing or treating cough come with side-effects. Hence, honey is a better choice. How to use it: You can put honey in your tea or brew it with warm lemon water. Drinking it this way, not only suppresses cough, but helps in treating throat irritation also.
  • Helps you lose weight: Honey, though being a sweetener, aids weight loss. You can have honey with warm water on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. This helps in burning calories faster. Honey burns fat even when we are sleeping or sitting.
    How to use it: Brew it every day first thing in the morning and feel the difference instantly.
  • Prevents cancer and heart diseases: It prevents cancer because of the flavonoids and antioxidants present in it. It also helps in lowering cholesterol which brings down the risk of heart diseases.
    How to use it: You can have one spoon of honey every day before going to bed.

Not just this, honey also boosts immunity, eases sinus problems, is effective against yeast infections, and is an easy home remedy for dandruff. Add honey to your daily routine and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life.

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