Busting 6 Diet Myths About Type-II Diabetics


India has as many as 50 million people suffering from Type-II diabetes. Even though there are a lot of advices and information circulated about diabetes, many people still have a lot of confusion about the disease.

With sudden change in lifestyle, diabetics are up for a challenge. However, to make their challenge a bit easier and discern fact from fiction, we bust the following six myths about diabetes:

  • Myth #1: Diabetes is caused by eating sugar
    The myth that tops our list is the misconception that most people have. The origin of diabetes has nothing to do with intake of sugar!
    There are two types of diabetes – Type-I and Type-II. While environmental factors, genetics and viruses play a role in causing Type-I diabetes, Type-II diabetes is caused when the pancreas don’t produce enough insulin and/or is not able to fully utilize it.
  • Myth #2: Sugar-free products are good alternatives
    Sugar-free products are promoted as the best and only alternative for sugar products. However, the fact is that not all sugar alternatives are good as some of them do more harm. Some of them like artificial sweeteners, agave nector and sugar alcohols like sorbitol contain high quantity of fats, carbs and calories that can prove unhealthy and, in turn, increase the blood sugar level.
  • Myth #3: Diabetics should abandon desserts 
    One of the biggest myths associated with diabetes! However, this is not entirely true. You can still eat your favourite sweet dish keeping a few things in mind, such as intake of small servings instead of large bites, cheating the recipe by reducing the quantity of sugar etc. You can even reduce carb intake in your meal to balance the intake of your favourite desserts.
  • Myth #4: Diabetics have to eat ‘special’ food
    It is without doubt that diabetics have to look out for what they eat and therefore, indulge in healthy eating practices. This is the reason that the food that is good for diabetics is also healthier options for the rest of the family. In today’s time a number of nutritional guides offer flexibility to come up with choices which help in finding a middle ground so that you and your family can enjoy the same meal without compromising on taste or health.
  • Myths #5: Type-I diabetes is more serious than Type-II
    The differentiation between Type-I and Type-II diabetes stems a lot of confusion among people which has led to a number of misconceptions too. Even though Type-II is a dietary disorder, both of them result in high glucose level in the blood streams. If not controlled, they can lead to a number of health consequences such as heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, strokes and so on.
  • Myth #6: Starchy food is not good for health
    This is true that starchy food contains carbohydrates which can increase the blood sugar level in the body. However, this is also a fact that carbohydrates are the foundation of healthy diet whether diabetes or not. Choosing the correct starchy food is the key. Go for high-fiber, less processed carbs to get the vitamins and minerals you need, while you maintain your blood sugar.
  • Myth #7: Diabetics don’t need to worry about eating fats
    It is a matter of no debate that diabetes needs to be regulated with a balanced diet and proper exercise. Most of the diabetics are either obese or are at the risk of developing obesity. With a risk of heart diseases, obesity is a factor that needs to be looked out for with utmost importance. Even though fat intake has little immediate effect on your blood sugar level, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to lookout for fat intake in your system.

It is essential to understand the basic do’s and don’ts for anyone who is suffering with diabetes, and these facts point to just the same.

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