11 super fruits to have in pregnancy

Your diet chart is incomplete without vegetables and fruits. Especially in pregnancy, if you don’t consume them in abundance, your body will not be able to fulfill the essential nutrients requirement of the baby.

One of the recent studies by child development experts in Canada found that women who took more fruits during pregnancy gave birth to more intelligent children than those who did not. The one-year-old toddlers performed better on developmental testing. Therefore, you should make a conscious effort to include fruits in your daily diet.

Here mentioned are some of the fruits to add to your daily diet.

  1. Banana: Banana tops the list of fruits because of the key nutrients such as folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, and copper. While folate protects the pre-natal fetus from neural tube defects, Vitamin B6 helps regulate sodium levels in your body – a major cause of nausea and vomiting. The magnesium content in banana ensures fluid balance. Normally, one banana a day is recommended during your first trimester.
  2. Kiwi: Kiwi is loaded with nutrients such as Vitamin C, E, A, potassium, phosporus, magnesium, folic acid and dietary fiber. Kiwis has positive effects on the respiratory system, and you are less likely to catch cough, cold or wheezing. In pregnant women the phosphorus content in kiwi reduces the risk of blood clotting, and aid in easy absorption of iron.
  3. Guava: The nutrients available in guava make it a must have fruit in pregnancy. It is rich in Vitamin C, E, iso-flavonoids, carotenoids and polyphenols. The tropical fruit also aid in digestion, and provides strength to your baby’s nervous system.
  4. Apple: It is one of the important fruits to eat as it enhances the immunity and strength of your baby. It also reduces the risk of wheezing, asthma and eczema in your child which might develop later in life. Apple is rich in nutrients such as Vitamins A, E, D and Zinc.
  5. Pear: Pear, a close cousin of apple, contains high amount of folic acid. Folic acid is vital to prevent neural tube defects in growing babies during the pre-natal stage.
  6. Custard Apple: Custard apple is rich in Vitamin A and C which are necessary for eyes, skin, hair, and body tissues of your growing baby. The seasonal fruit is recommended because it enhances cognitive functioning of your baby in the pre-natal period.
  7. Pomegranate: Pomegranates contain a good amount of calcium, folate, iron, protein and Vitamin C. Therefore, it is highly recommended during pregnancy.
  8. Avocados: Avocado is a great source of folate, fiber, choline, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin C, B, K. Avocados also contain iron. Choline is important for your baby’s brain and nerve development.
  9. Mango: Mango contains high amount of Vitamin C that aid in digestion, prevents constipation and protects you from minor infections.
  10. Chikoo (sapodilla): Chikoo is full of electrolytes, Vitamin A, carbohydrates and energy. It helps you control dizziness and nausea besides checking for irritable bowel syndrome.
  11. Orange: This juicy fruit is high in vitamin C and folic acid, and is a good source of potassium that helps in lowering high blood pressure, a most common problem faced by expectant mothers.

During this arduous journey, eat healthy to reduce the incidence of disease and to promote longevity. Ensure your baby’s health by taking caring of yourself.

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