7 healthiest and most enjoyable sports

Sports are not just a great source of fun and enjoyment but are also a good workout option. You can stay healthy while enjoying some of your favourite sports. With National Sports Day here, we bring to you sports which are very enjoyable and have surprisingly positive effects on your health.

  1. Basketball – This game requires a lot of strength and diligence. It immensely helps in burning fat. One hour of playing basketball can burn up to 600 calories. Not just this, being a tricky sport, it enhances one’s decision-making abilities, team spirit and coordination.
  1. Cycling – The easiest and most enjoyable sport, cycling is great for body weight, toning muscles, and preventing cardiovascular diseases. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Low maintenance and comfortable, one can cycle anywhere and anytime. As it also relieves bone and joint pains, even older people must cycle regularly.
  1. Golf – Playing golf has a lot of health benefits. It does not just help in burning fat, but stimulates sleep, reduces stress and makes your bones stronger. Older people who play golf have improved balance and gain better-toned muscles.
  1. Rowing – Rowing has multiple advantages on your health. It accelerates your weight loss process and helps you in muscle strengthening. Also, the activity involves going out on the lake/river and rowing, which de-stresses you and gives you the much-needed relaxation.
  1. Swimming – Swimming is an enjoyable sport, loved by people of all ages. It also has a lot of health benefits, the common ones being weight loss and maintenance of body posture. Swimming helps in upholding cardiovascular health and firming up muscles. As it requires the effort of the whole body, swimming is exhaustive, which fuels sound sleep and relieves stress and anxiety.
  1. Squash – Squash is a fun sport which needs a lot of stamina and vigilance. People good at playing love to play it for hours. It is effective for cardiovascular health and for weight loss. A game of squash promotes coordination of hands and eyes and increases flexibility.
  1. Tennis – Tennis is one of the best aerobic activities. One game of tennis can help you lose around 600 calories. It strengthens your bones and muscles and increases the capacity of your lungs. It is a highly popular sport all around the world and people of all ages love to play it.

A few other sports reported to be healthy are football, volleyball, hiking and gymnastics. If not all, you can pick one or two, to at least try and find out which one is the best for you. But you must always take necessary precautions to avoid injuries and stay safe during your these sports escapades.

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