How to eat sugar to lose weight

Do you have a sweet tooth and can’t resist the urge to binge on sugary items? Is there a way to avoid sugar when it’s present in almost everything?

Well, sugar and its properties are hidden in refined carbohydrates and not just in bread, rice or pasta. Every time you eat sugar, your blood glucose level also rises fast which fuels the release of insulin, a powerful hormone that signals your body to store fat.

Here, we tell you how to eat sugar, and keep a controlled weight.

  1. Go for natural sugars: It is wrong to assume that one type of sugar is better than another. The fact is, we should eat foods containing natural or added sugars which can make a difference. If you consider eating a banana over a sugary donut, then it will offer a lot more nutrients, less calories, saturated fats and trans fats. Foods containing natural sugars usually have other nutrients such as fiber, protein and healthy fats. So instead of focusing on the sugar content of sweet food, it is better to check on the overall nutritional value of the food you are consuming.
  2. Consume fiber and protein along with sugar: You need to balance carbs and sugar intake with protein, fiber and healthy fats. These three components help reduce the rate at which the sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream and further decreasing the spike in your blood sugar. That means you won’t feel weak or hungry soon after you eat. Apart from keeping your energy levels steady, fiber, protein and fat help you feel much more satiated after eating anything sweet.
  3. Take high sugar foods around workouts: Exercise can help your body get rid of that excess sugar. Researchers from Syracuse University found that completing a single weight training session have managed to cut the effects of sugary food on women’s blood-sugar levels by 15 percent for at least 12 hours. Those added sugars can give you energy for workouts when you’re trying to shed pounds.
  4. Check on sources of sugar: You can enjoy your sweet dish but reduce your intake of calories from added sugar by checking food labels. This will help you identify foods that contain added sugars, and limiting these items in your diet can help you check on the calories you consume daily. For this, you will need to examine the ingredient list to determine if those foods contain sugar, and then review the nutritional facts to see how many grams of sugar each serving of food contains. This will help you choose items with lowest added sugar preservatives.
  5. Try avoiding sugar and coffee: For instance, if you are enjoying donuts and coffee together, then the caffeine in your coffee can inhibit your body’s ability to process the sugar in your donuts. Canadian researchers in their study established that men who consumed one-two cups of regular coffee before a sugary meal, their blood sugar raised 16 percent more. This does not happen with decaffeinated coffee. It has been found that body’s cells are less responsive to insulin because of coffee, which leads to short-term insulin resistance.
  6. Use cinnamon: Cinnamon is known to have a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels and increases insulin levels in the body. In fact, a study has found that consuming cinnamon on any type of food, including sugary items, helps lower the amount of sugar in blood even if you haven’t eaten in a while. This can aid to your weight loss because you will stay off insulin resistance, which is the cause of extra kilos.

Following some of the tips above can help you lose weight without the guilt of noshing on your favourite items.

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