Symptoms of Leukemia every woman must know

The white blood cells (WBCs), produced in the bone marrow, work to protect the body from bacteria and viruses.

Leukemia is a form of cancer that occurs in the bone marrow causing WBCs to divide abnormally. Such rapid multiplication of WBCs results in overcrowding of cells in the blood that leads to cancer.

According to reports, women are more prone to blood cancer or leukemia than men. Hence, it is crucial that women must know about this disease, its risk factors and symptoms.

Basically, women having a family history of Leukemia, who smoke and those who already have some sort of blood or genetic disorder are at a higher risk of having this type of cancer.

Following are the symptoms that might be warning signs of Leukemia-

  1. Fatigue – Unexplained and persistent fatigue can be because of Leukemia. The loss of normal WBCs results in the loss of energy which is why one feels tired and exhausted more frequently. Cancer-related-fatigue is more commonly accompanied with depression, pain and nausea. Therefore, one should never ignore such arcane fatigue and should immediately see a doctor to know the exact reason for this constant feeling of draining out.
  1. Frequent infection and fever – Because leukemia affects WBCs which are essential for our immune system, people suffering from this cancer have low immunity level. This causes them to fall sick and catch infections more frequently. So, if you feel feverish quite often or if you are having infections of throat or stomach, it could possibly be because of Leukemia. Immediate and proper diagnosis must be done on discovering these signs repeatedly.
  1. Heavy bleeding – Abnormal, heavy bleeding during menstruation is not normal and must not be overlooked. It might be a symptom of Leukemia as this cancer causes lowering of platelet count in the blood. Platelets prevent excess bleeding by clotting. But lack of these results in heavy bleeding. A gynaecologist must be consulted if you experience more than normal bleeding during periods.
  1. Pale skin – Leukemia makes it difficult for the healthy cells to grow as the majority of cells turn cancerous in this condition. With lesser healthy and uninfected cells, your skin starts to turn pale. A change in the colour of your skin thus can be because of Leukemia. Look out for immediate help if skin paleness accompanies other symptoms too such as fainting and abdominal pain.
  1. Breathlessness – Feeling more out of breath than usual after some physical activity or feeling short of breath without any physical activity might be a silent sign of Leukemia. With rapid damaging of blood cells, there is an abundant loss of energy because of which you feel emphysematous. Talk to your doctor about these symptoms for accurate analysis.
  1. Slow healing – With WBCs being infected, the immunity system becomes weak. Therefore, it takes longer than usual for bruises and wounds to heal. So, if you feel you get bruises easily and the wounds are taking a long time to heal, it might be the time for you to seek a doctor for help.

It is of prime importance for us to be vigilant about these signs and our health, especially women in this case. We, at Just Relief are aware of the modern life and the obvious ignorant nature of ourselves towards health. For addressing such issues we have a health AMC plan which helps you deal and fight with a monstrous disease like Cancer. A doctor is dedicated to the person in whose name AMC is done, and he/she keeps track of your health and produces regular reports for you to act promptly as and when you are affected by any disease.

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