Ways to get Your Child to eat Healthy Food

If you have kids, you know the hard struggle of getting them to eat healthy. Kids are your personal food critics that almost always hate eating anything healthy. It’s hard to trick kids into eating healthy, but you know you have to try. Here are a few ways in which you can get your children to eat healthy: –

Plan the times of intake

Kids need to eat every three to four hours, and if you plan for these meals in advance, there would be a lesser chance of them eating fast food.Even if you’re heading out, stock a cooler in your car with some healthy snacks for them to nibble on.

Plan the menu in advance

Thinking about a weekly menu can be tiring. So, try planning for two or three days at a time. A planned dinner doesn’t need to be fancy, just well-balanced.

Eat dinner together

Prepare a well-balanced meal for the entire family and sit down for dinner together. First, with all healthy options on the table, you can allow your children to pick up whatever they want. Secondly, kids tend to mimic their parents,so eating together will definitely help in getting them to eat healthy food.

Telling them won’t help

As hard as it might be for you, you need to control the urge to comment on how much your kids are eating. Be neutral. If you keep telling them to “finish your cereal/vegetables”, stay prepared to face further resistance.

New foods take time

Children are wary of new food. In such cases, a few stories, like telling them that a kid’s tastebuds take time to get used to a flavor, or that their favorite actor likes that food so much, can really help matters.


Experiment with dips. If your kids don’t like eating rotis, give them some salsa or yogurt based dip to eat it with.

Morning fiber

Breakfast is a great time to sneak in some much required fiber into your kids’ diet. Look for a high fiber cereal, or you could prepare whole grain pancake or dosa batter over the weekend, for the entire week, and store it in the fridge.

Sneak in soy

Soy milk is a great source of a lot of healthy nutrients. Not all kids like soy milk however, they won’t really notice if you sneak in the milk, hidden in a recipe.

Add some flavor

First, you need to know whether your kids prefer the sweet, salty, or even sour taste more. Once you know what they like, you can work towards incorporating their favorite taste into healthy food. For example, if they like sweet tasting food, add some sugar to their fruits or health drinks. Similarly, turning fruits into a chaat with the sour bite of a lemon can also get your kids to eat healthier

Get them cooking

Kids love playing around. Plus, if you get them involved in the cooking process, there will be more of a chance of them eating what they made.

Cut back on junk food

A very simple step; just make sure that you don’t keep a lot of junk food at home. When there are lesser junk food options around, you will notice how your children will start having more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc.

Treats are necessary

You should not aim to completely cut out junk food from your kids’ diets. Let them enjoy treats sometimes. Just keep it balanced with enough physical activities and other food.

Enjoy it

The more creative you get with the meal, the more chance there is of your kids eating it. Give the food interesting shapes or give it fun names.

Show them but don’t tell them

At the end of the day, you will always be a role model for your kids. You need to have meals on time, eat healthily, and not overeat yourself as well. Your kids will adopt what they see you doing.

Save yourself the trouble, and start getting creative with your ideas to feed your kids the much-necessary healthy food. Trust us; it’s better than running behind them and shouting yourself hoarse.

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