5 Simple Tips to Lose Weight

Losing weight doesn’t sound easy and to tell you the truth, it isn’t, especially if you are trying to squeeze in workouts and avoiding high-calorie foods. While all this will help you lose those extra pounds, there are a few simple changes that you have to make to your daily lifestyle to be able to achieve significant weight loss over time. Here are 5 simple tips that will help you lose weight: –


  1. Add food items to your diet

When trying to lose weight, the one thing that everyone does is to forego a number of food items. But many dieticians agree that giving up on certain food items rarely works. What they agree on is adding healthy food to your diet. Adding food items such as veggies and fruits can help you stay healthy, and lower your weight over time. Just remember to keep an eye on your overall calories consumption and add some physical workout, like a short stroll.

  1. Go Walk

Walking is the easiest way to keep oneself fit. Try going for small walks daily. If you can’t fit these strolls in your schedule, you can try these simple tips that will make you walk more than you would normally do.

  • If using a bus for commuting, you can get of a few stops earlier and walk till your destination.
  • For those who use car, try parking it at the back of the lot.
  • For shopaholics, go to the mall and hit all the levels.
  • Try taking the stairs whenever you can.

Couple these things with two 10-minute walks daily, and you will be able to easily tuck in a 30-minute workout in your busy schedule.


  1. Choose the healthier versions of the foods you love

Giving up on your favorite foods is difficult but you can’t rule out the possibility that they are the real culprit behind that belly of yours. But instead of avoiding them, you can switchover to healthier, low-calorie versions of the foods you crave. A pizza will taste just as good with a whole wheat base and low-fat cheese. Boosting your fiber intake will also help as it keeps you satisfied for longer. Also, don’t forget to lighten up on the drinks that accompany the meals. Choose diet soda or light beer over your high-calorie favorites.


  1. Drink up!

If there is one drink to guzzleon, it is water. Try drinking water before a meal so that you don’t feel famished and hog on everything in sight. Keeping your body hydrated also helps in your workout. You can also give a try to no-calories drink as many dieticians also agree that keeping a no-calorie beverage at hand, especially for the compulsive snacker, is a great way to keep the mouth busy, making you less likely to snack.

  1. Eat Small Portions

An oft-repeated advice, eating small portions of food helps in keeping your metabolism working. Another trick you can try is to use smaller plates. Using smaller plates makes you feel fuller even with small helpings.


These simple steps should help you lose weight in an easy manner. You can add other ideas to them, like eating a fruit or veggies as a snack or taking a small 10-minute walk in between your work hours. Just stick to them and you will eventually see the results.

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